LTD 2009 “Shell”

Each year beginning with their 25th Anniversary in 1987, Takamine has produced an annual Limited Edition guitar called the LTD.   Each model exhibits the cutting edge of artistic expression, expert craftsmanship and sonic excellence.   Produced in very limited quantities, the LTD guitars are highly sought after by players and collectors alike.  

Shown below is the LTD 2009, a solid Spruce top NEX body in Sunburst with solid Mahogany back/sides all in a gloss finish.  A laser etched shell pick guard, shell tail trim and shell fretboard round out the look.

LTD 2009 Features:

  • NEX non cutaway body with solid Spruce top and shell tail inlay
  • Solid mahogany back/sides and a Mahogany neck
  • Laser etched pick guard with shell inlays
  • Ebony fretboard with chevron shell inlays
  • Palathetic pickup and CoolTube CTP preamp

Click the image below to see photos of my personal LTD 2009 at The Takamine Gallery.

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